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Open Data Autonomy Mini Summit @ KubeCon+CloudNativeCon China


The Open Data Autonomy Mini Summit is about autonomous data management for cloud native and more. It is an all-day educational event co-located with KubeCon + CloudNativeCon China 2019 in Shanghai. The OpenSDS community is working together on a platform that integrates disparate data services (such as data replication, migration, protection etc.) together with AI/ML, into a self-driving data management platform that is scalable, resilient, and secure. Throughout the day, there will be presentations with demos and previews on platform features, roadmap, ecosystem updates, as well as presentations from end users. The Mini Summit welcomes vendors, architects, developers, and users who are interested in solutions and collaborations on data and storage management for cloud native environment.

OpenSDS is a Linux Foundation project and its members includes China Unicom, Click2Cloud, Dell EMC, Fujitsu, GMO Pepabo, Huawei, IBM, IIJ, Intel, KPN, Linbit, NTT Communications, OSU, Sakura Internet, Toyota, Vodafone, Western Digital, and Yahoo Japan.

Mini Summit Highlights

1. Hands-on Workshop
A hands-on (BYOD) tour of the platform which will walk through from installation to deployment, through GUI, CLI, and API’s

2. Deep Dive Sessions
Deep dive into the Open Autonomous Data Platform features, architecture, API’s, and demos covering multi-cloud, data lifecycle, migration, telemetry, ML/AI, automation and orchestration. Explore and help drive the roadmap and ecosystem.

3. End User Sessions (featuring speakers from the end-user community)
Learn how global enterprises are leveraging the Open Intelligent Autonomous Data Platform for digital transformation, and get to know real world use cases and requirements driving autonomous data management.

4. AM Break and Lunch Reception
Join us for breakfast to kick off the day and lunches and networking.

Open Data Autonomy Mini Summit at KubeCon EU


The Open Data Autonomy Mini Summit is an all-day event focusing on data & storage challenges and solutions in cloud native era. The OpenSDS community is working to build an open autonomous data platform integrating all disparate data services, such as data migration, replication, life cycle, protection etc along with AI/ML. The platform is self-governed and intelligent. OpenSDS is a Linux Foundation project and its members include IBM, Fujitsu, Huawei, Intel, Western Digital, Dell-EMC, Hitachi, LINBIT, Vodafone, KPN, NTT Communications, China Unicom, Yahoo! JAPAN, Toyota Infotech, GMO, IIJ, Click2Cloud, Oregon State University. It is a great opportunity to learn and collaborate to build solutions for cloud native challenges of data autonomy.
The event is organized with Hands-on Workshop (BYOD), Demos, Deep Dive Sessions and End User Sessions. It can provide an end to end experience and networking opportunity during welcome breakfast and evening reception dinner.