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SODA Foundation is an open source project under Linux Foundation that aims to establish an open, unified, and autonomous data management framework for data mobility from the edge, to core, to cloud.

SODA brings together industry leaders to collaborate on building a common framework to promote standardization and best practices for data storage, data protection, data governance, data analytics, etc. to support IoT, big data, machine learning, and other applications.

We are fostering collaboration and innovation across vendors, system integrators, cloud service providers, standards organizations, and consortiums across different industries, to provide quality end-to-end solutions to end users.

Launching soon in 2020
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  • A Project under Linux Foundation
  • Started in late 2016 to solve data/storage management challenges
  • Open community building and maintaining projects to solve data/storage management challenges.

upgraded to

  • A sub foundation under Linux Foundation
  • Starting in early 2019 to build an ecosystem to solve data/storage management challenges
  • Open community building the ecosystem to build standards, cross projects collaboration, and future ready solutions


An ecosystem for data and storage management with cross project and community collaboration to offer open platforms, frameworks and standards to build highly competitive and compliant products & solutions.

SODA Foundation Goals


Open Source Platforms, Framework, and Standards


Real World Use cases & Scenarios from End Users


Ready to build compliant products & solutions


Collaboration across projects and forums

Tech Focus

Data Management
Data Governance
Data Security
Data Mobility
Data Intelligence
Data Energy
Standards & Compliance

SODA Framework & Project Ecosystem

Open & Unified Ecosystem to

Store, Run, AnyData AnyWhere


Storage Vendors
End Users
Solution Providers
Service Providers
Standards Organizations

Why join SODA Foundation?

● Visibility, Branding & Credibility
● Lead & Influence
● Expertise and shorter time to market
● Align Business Requirements & Use cases
● Build compliant products
● Be part of Data Standards & Compliance
● Exposure to industry requirements
● Technology Ready
● Access to Global Community with users & developers
● Early testing & bench-marking of products

Launch in March 2020

Join as a founding member!

Support & Drive this open autonomous data management foundation under Linux Foundation.

(**Currently all the links below are related to OpenSDS as we are transitioning to SODA Foundation. We will have SODA Foundation links shortly. Please keep following us for future updates.)