To develop the open source core components and APIs for building a SDS solution


To grow a community which brings value to end users and other open-source communities


To collaborate among vendors, users, and standards bodies to solve real-world storage management problems


To get broad industry acceptance amongst users and vendors with the implementation and adoption of OpenSDS

Architecture Overview

Common Interface

Universal OpenSDS plug-ins for different frameworks.Open API for integration

Policy-Based Control

Pooling of storage resources with policy-based control for provisioning, data protection, lifecycle management and more

Wide Storage Support

comes with support for wide range of storage drivers from vendor specific and open source alike

Enterprise Class

supports various hardwares platforms (x86, ARM, ARM64, PowerPC,..) and enable the usage of enterprise-class storage features

The Ecosystem

For Cloud-Native (Docker, Kubernetes, Mesos, CloudFoundry)

Policy-Based Storage Control

Built-in policies for lifecycle management, data protection, data security, and orchestrated control for cloud-native apps

Cloud-Native Storage

Integration with Kubernetes, Docker, and Mesos enables dynamic storage provisioning, responds to container events eg. support for container migration to another host

Cloud-Native Deployment

Deploy and scale with container clusters

Built-in Support For OpenStack Storage

Connect to all storage back ends supported by Cinder and Manila drivers

Storage Discovery and Pooling

Support discovery of storage back ends and aggregation of storage resources into a seamless whole

For OpenStack

Policy-Based Storage Control

Built-in policies for lifecycle management, data protection, data security, and orchestrated control for cloud-native apps

Orchestrate Storage

Add orchestration to Cinder/Manila by automating operations such as snapshots, backups and lifecycle management

Leverage Enterprise Storage Features

Advanced OpenSDS API’s enables enterprise storage features to be fully utilized by OpenStack

For End-Users

OpenSDS offers free choice and allows you to choose solutions from different vendors. Start transforming your IT infrastructure into a platform for cloud-native workloads and accelerate new business rollouts.

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For Developers

Accelerate application development without worrying about storage infrastructure.
Develop once, run everywhere comes closer to reality with OpenSDS offering a common storage abstraction with Standard API

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For Vendors

Leverage OpenSDS to build new solutions and business quickly with open source and standard. Industry-wide collaboration reduces development cycle and improves efficiency so vendors can focus on real innovation instead of doing plumbing work.

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Other contributors to the project can be found at the OpenSDS Github.



Software-defined storage integration challenges particularly in scale out cloud environments dealing with multiple storage platform providers.


OpenSDS Launches Zealand Release

  • Kubernetes dynamic provisioner, FlexVolume and CSI plug-in
  • Built-in LVM and Ceph support
  • Integrated Cinder storage support
  • Volume and snapshot management