OpenSDS is an open source project community working to address software-defined storage integration challenges particularly in scale out cloud environments dealing with multiple storage platform providers.


The OpenSDS Project is supported by storage users and vendors, including Huawei, Fujitsu, HDS, Vodafone and Oregon State University. The project will also seek to collaborate with other upstream open source communities such as Cloud Native Computing Foundation, Docker, OpenStack, and Open Container Initiative.

The community hopes to have an initial prototype available in Q2 2017 with a Beta release by Q3 2017. The initial participants expect OpenSDS will leverage open source technologies, such as Cinder and Manila from the OpenStack community, to best enable support across a wide range of cloud storage solutions.

OpenSDS Diagram

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Anyone can get involved and contribute to the Project. Our governance and contributions are under the terms of the OpenSDS Charter, which is being developed by the project community. For more information about the project, please email us at